The Dos and Don’ts on Your First Post-Accident Call with an Adjuster

After a car accident has happened, you may get a call from your insurance adjuster or a representative of the other driver’s insurance company. There is a lot that is going to happen and you will need to face your insurer for compensation. At this point, you are confused, and it is possible to make costly mistakes on the call that may ruin your claim. It is important to ensure you have a personal injury lawyer Port Perry to assist you with the way forward. In the meantime, here are things you should and should not say on your call with the adjuster.

  • Be Polite and Remain Calm

Understandably, you might be angry after the accident and the injuries. However, try as much as possible to remain calm and talk politely. It will increase the chances of the adjuster believing your story. Therefore, stay calm and be professional.

  • Give Limited Personal Details

You can tell the adjuster your full name, telephone number, address, and where you work. However, avoid giving them details about the condition of your work and the amount of income you get. Preserve these details for the lawyer you hire from the best personal injury law firm. If you are looking for a lawyer in Port Perry, visit this website to get the best representation.

  • Know the Person You Are Talking to

Before discussing anything further, know the person you are speaking to. Know their name, telephone number, and address. They should tell you the insurance company they work with and the person they are representing.

  • Don’t Agree to An Immediate Settlement

The adjuster may offer a settlement after the first or second call to save the work for the insurance company. Furthermore, this settlement is always a smaller amount than what you will get when you file a claim or before you discover the extent of your injuries. Do not agree to the settlement. Take time to evaluate your case and have a lawyer by your side to help with the claim.

  • Do Not Talk About Your Injuries

It is advisable not to give details of your injuries too. You may leave something out, or you might discover an injury later. These two things can work against you in your claim. Tell them you are treating the injuries and leave the rest of the work to the lawyer.

  • Do Not Give Details of the Accident

At no given point should you talk about the accident. The adjuster may try to get you to talk about the accident or give a statement. You should not do that. Refuse to tell them anything except the obvious things like where and when the accident happened. Be polite when doing so and assure them you will discuss the details later.

  • Never Give a Recorded Statement

Many adjusters will ask you to give a recorded statement. This is one thing you should never do. The statement will be used against you should things change or should you omit something. Decline the request and let them know you are not comfortable recording.


These are things you should and should not say on a call with your adjuster. It is crucial to retain the details of your accident and the injuries and only share them with your lawyer.

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