The Most Common Kinds of Personal Injury Cases in Freeport

Many situations lead to accidents. According to tort or personal injury law – a person gets compensation if affected by someone’s negligence or wrongful conduct. A personal injury not only leads to high healthcare expenses but some people also experience severe disabilities. These people need intensive treatment methods for the long term or permanently. So, an accident can affect both the personal and professional life of a victim.

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Not every accident falls under personal injury cases. There are a few common personal jury cases that are liable to get compensation. In this article, you can learn about some of those cases:

Car accidents

Do you know? Every year hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world are getting injured because of motor vehicle accidents. More than 33,000 people are died in the U.S in 2009 due to the accidents caused by cars, motorcycles, bike riders, trucks, and pedestrians.

Most of the accidents occur due to the negligence of a person or she/he is not following the road rules. If a person is injured in a car accident, then the careless person is responsible for the injuries or losses that occurred.

Medical malpractice

This kind of claim arises when medical professionals like doctors, hospitals, nurses, or others are negligent or you are unable to meet the health care standards. These situations often result in serious injuries.

There are various kinds of medical practices, they include:

  • Pharmacy error
  • Medication mistakes
  • Improper treatment
  • Birth injury
  • Improper diagnosis
  • Surgical errors

These cases are more complex and need an experienced attorney who has experience in handling similar cases. Remember that getting unexpected results is not medical malpractice. If you are seriously injured or lost a loved person, then you have the right to claim for the loss.

Liability of products

Defective and dangerous products result in serious injuries at home, work, or public places. Operation manuals and improper warnings are the main reasons for these injuries. The most common examples of dangerous products are:

  • Defective medical devices and medical parts
  • Toxic materials, chemicals, and drugs
  • Dangerous foods
  • Children’s products
  • Consumer products

The responsible parties of these cases can be companies, individuals, or government units that design, manufacture, and sell those defective or dangerous products. These cases are difficult to prove a professional attorney can help you to gather evidence and to get compensation for the injuries.

Dog bites

Usually, a dog owner is responsible for the injuries caused by a dog. The laws of the case vary from one state to the other. In a few states, the owner is liable for the injuries. In some cases, it is considered if the dog was never aggressive before, whereas others have a one-bite rule. According to this rule, a dog owner is responsible once there is a reason for owners to know the dog is prone to bite or aggressive.

Workplace accidents

When a person lost his/her life or is injured while working, they will not file a claim directly against the employer. These workers can file a claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act. According to this act, the employer has to provide benefits to the injured worker like medical treatment, wages, and others for the injuries caused to the worker. It has both pros and cons; a well-reputed attorney can guide you in getting better compensation for the injuries.

Slip and fall

It is one of the common kinds of personal injury cases. A homeowner or property owner has to keep the premises safe and free of a hazard to protect the people staying on the property. Although every injury caused on the property leads to liability, these cases vary based on the injuries that occur and the circumstances.

Intentional torts or assault

Intentional torts don’t occur because of carelessness or negligence; instead, a person harms another person intentionally. These cases will have an aspect of criminal cases over the performer. For instance, you are attacked or injured by a person intentionally, and then the person has to face criminal charges. You can also file a case in the civil court against the person to claim compensation for the injuries caused because of the attack.


It is a kind of slander or libel. Generally, it is caused to the reputation of a person because of false statements. These cases vary based on the plaintiff and the statement. In such a case, the person has to prove the false statement made has caused harm or financial loss to him/her.  That is, the person has to prove the statement that was made with recklessness or intentionally.

In addition to the above, a personal injury attorney can handle many other cases, including insurance disputes, construction accidents, wrongful death, premises liability, and more.

Any kind of accident can throw the life of an injured person into confusion. In this new reality, you have to deal with injuries and trauma, which results in paying high healthcare expenses in addition to your general expenses such as bills, meals, expenses of kids, and others. Severe pain or discomfort of injuries, lying in the bed, inability to work, and straining bank account increases stress and anxiety.

A professional lawyer always helps you in getting a successful result for your case. He/she hears your concerns, questions, and comments, guides you in gathering evidence against the fault party, and talks on behalf of you to get justice.

Usually, personal injury cases don’t come to trial. They are settled with an insurance provider, at some point of pre-trial or maybe before the judgment. Whatever the case may be, a personal injury attorney helps you to get the better compensation you deserve.

Gather information of the personal injury attorney, who had a good experience, choose the best one, and book your appointment today to discuss your case and recover your losses.

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