Reasons Why Hiring an Employment Lawyer in Mississauga is Important

Employment differences between employees and employers are inevitable. It’s stressful for an employee to go through the legal processes of employment law, including wrongful dismissal and discrimination cases. However, hiring an employment lawyer in Mississauga will help you professionally and successfully navigate the process. It may even be vital to your cause depending on what your dispute is about and how much you stand to lose from it not going well. Here are ten reasons why hiring an employment lawyer in Mississauga will help you succeed in any legal dispute with your employer.

1.   Protection From Wrongful Dismissal

It’s important to know that if you feel that your employer has wrongfully dismissed you from your job, there are laws in Mississauga that protect your rights. An employment lawyer can help you through the process of filing a complaint concerning wrongful dismissal, meaning you can get fair compensation for any lost wages or benefits. While laws vary from province to province, it’s always wise to seek professional legal advice if you feel that your employer has crossed a line regarding dismissing employees.

If you need assistance finding an employment lawyer in Mississauga, you can visit this website for more information and advice. An employment lawyer will guide you on what steps to take next, depending on whether or not they feel that your case constitutes wrongful dismissal. They can guide you through all possible options, helping ensure that your case moves along quickly and effectively so you receive fair compensation as soon as possible.

2.   To Ensure Privacy During A Legal Process

Legal matters can be very delicate, and employees must maintain their privacy throughout any legal proceedings. Before entering a courtroom, a lawyer will ensure that all necessary documents meet the requirements to preserve confidentiality. By retaining an employment lawyer in Mississauga, you can ensure your legal rights remain protected.

A qualified attorney will ensure all personal details remain confidential so you can deal with your situation discreetly and privately. Right of privacy includes;

  • The right not to have information about one’s private life disseminated without consent;
  • The right not to have photographs taken of oneself or published without consent; and
  • The right not to have one’s name or likeness for advertising or commercial gain without consent.

3.   To Avoid Employment Settlement Negotiations Before Obtaining Legal Advice

Settling your employment law disputes can save you time and money, but it’s best to first get legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in employment law. A skilled employment lawyer will know how to make sure you don’t end up giving away your rights during negotiations. It could mean fighting for the compensation that wouldn’t be possible if you had accepted a settlement agreement before obtaining legal advice.

In Mississauga, employment laws are constantly changing. You will find various employment claims, including discrimination, wrongful dismissal, human rights violations, etc. Contact an employment lawyer Mississauga today to schedule a consultation if you face any dispute with your employer or former employer.

4.   To Bring Employment-Related Claims Within Time Limits

One of several reasons you may require employment law services in Mississauga, Ontario, relates to whether you have followed certain time limits for bringing your employment-related claims. Both federal and provincial statutes deal with time limitations for bringing such claims. It’s imperative that any individual who believes that employers have violated their employment rights knows about these statutes and ensures that they don’t miss out on pursuing a claim by being unaware of such restrictions.

For example, there are stringent deadlines for filing complaints regarding discrimination claims under human rights legislation. If you fail to file a complaint within one year of an alleged discriminatory act, you will not be able to do so altogether. Therefore, always seek legal advice as soon as possible if you believe that your employer has discriminated against you somehow.

Employment-related claims may include issues related to termination, severance pay, wages, hours of work, and overtime pay. Such claims could also relate to pension issues or health and safety concerns.


If you’re an employee in Mississauga, it’s essential to understand your rights and responsibilities. It’s also important to know how your employer can affect these rights and responsibilities. An employment lawyer in Mississauga can represent you in case of any employment-related legal battles. So, speak with one as soon as possible.

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