Clergy Sex Abuse

Clergy sex abuse is the abuse of young adults perpetrators by Catholic Church administrators like priests and deacons. This is an institution-wide abuse scandal that involves sex crimes that will leave a scar on the lives of the minor.

The clergy where the child was taken should have protected the child at all cost, and an assault like this should not have happened. Parents entranced their children to the clergy, hoping their child would learn good virtues and morals from the priests and also so that their children could learn more about Christ, but the church is taking advantage of this opportunity.

Catholic churches have had multiple cases of clergy sex abuse since the people doing this act are not imprisoned. Instead, the leaders defend their members and allow them to continue working in the offices, making the situation worse, mainly for the children still part of the church and the assaulted student.

The most hurtful thing is that even if the officials know about what is happening, they turn a blind eye and the assault continues to occur because the perpetrators know that they will be protected. In case you have gone through clergy abuse in Connecticut, then you should not be afraid to document a statement and fight for your rights.

Connecticut ministry Abuse case

Various people who have gone through this sexual abuse have documented numerous reports against the Roman Catholic dioceses in Connecticut. Most clergies did not do anything about the many lawsuits happening in their diocese. Not many children got justice, but some survivors returned strong, and they got the justice they wanted.

Clergy abuse settlement

The Connecticut churches implicated in clergy sex aggression had to pay a considerable amount to the affected families. Some of the churches involved include;

  • Hartford Archdiocese

In this church, they paid a compensation fee of 50.6 million dollars to the sufferers of preacher mishandling. The number of children abused was 142, which was a significant digit. All this occurred because the church covered the tracks of the pastor since they didn’t want a bad name in their diocese.

  • Bridgeport Diocese

In 2018 the diocese had to compensate the households of the 156 victims, and they had to reimburse the families $52.5 million to cover their hospital bills and the psychological treatment they will be undergoing because of the trauma.

  • Norwich Diocese

In 2019 Bishop Michael R. Cote of the Diocese of Norwich composed a message to his parishioners where he talked of the amount that the assaulted families would be compensated. In this Diocese, there were a total of nine cases.


The church is a place where people feel warm and safe, and parents entrust their children to various churches so that they could learn more about the scripture. It is pretty heartbreaking to find out that your child has been assaulted, and the church is covering up for the perpetrators. In case you are a victim, you should not be afraid to go to court and get justice for yourself and for the other children who were unable to testify for themselves due to fear.

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